COVID-19 Live Response Center

A premium subscription service for Indian Country Leaders, Healthcare Organizations, & Emergency Response Teams to keep your community safe.

The Indigenous Pact Live Response Center offers On-Demand Access to healthcare experts, public health experts, and crisis management & support who have been at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Seattle.

Access to the Live Response Center provides you:

  • Real-Time Problem Solving

    Schedule to join a live stream conversation via video/call available 12 hours a day with the Indigenous Pact team to ask pressing questions regarding policy, process, medical, behavioral health, best practices, regulatory, administrative and financial matters.

    If Indigenous Pact has the answers, we share them in real-time. If we don’t, we find or create a solution and report back ASAP. Limitations apply*.

  • Real-Time Information Sharing

    Hear from experts who have been confronting the COVID-19 crisis in Seattle for several weeks.  Indigenous Pact will share daily insights and answers to questions like:

    • “What were the most relevant overnight developments?”
    • “How do I keep my patients safe?”
    • “What billing code do I use for…”
    • “What modifications should I make to our facility?”
    • “How has the regulatory environment changed and how is this relevant?”
  • Guest Experts

    Each session, we will interview a relevant healthcare expert offering useful information pertaining to this crisis. Subscribers who tune-in real-time can participate in Q&A with our guest experts. Replays will be available for those who cannot tune in live.


On-Demand Support

Real Time Access to IP Experts from 7 AM – 7 PM, daily. Join via Microsoft Teams.

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Prepare for tomorrow. Every day.

*a solution requiring more than 4 hours may require a emergency-style consulting engagement.