Creating Sustainable Economies & Health Equity

Indigenous PACT understands that sustainable economies are critical for fostering healthy and resilient communities. We have helped many clients create economic opportunities by enhancing their healthcare systems and revenue cycles while improving services and health outcomes.

Our mission to create health equity for Native Americans initiates opportunities for them to reach their potential without social, economic, and environmental constraints. We believe promoting health equity provides the foundation to build sustainable economies.

Sustainability is a principal value of Native American people—considering the broader connection between the economy, environment, and society, understanding that every action ripples throughout the system to some effect.

Creating economic opportunity is a primary objective of creating health equity because healthy populations are more productive and can contribute to economic development.

We partner with healthcare leaders create opportunities by improving their systems, that allow them to save time and money. We help them enhance their programs and services to generate sustainable revenue cycles. We also help implement solution strategies that benefit the entire community and local economy.

Promoting health equity provides multiple direct and indirect economic benefits—the best healthcare management practices and technology deploy resources and streamline processes more effectively and efficiently.

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