Indigenous PACT 

Since the impact of COVID-19, Indigenous PACT has been looking for innovative ways to support our tribal clients during this trying time. A majority of tribal nations across the country are on stay-at-home orders as well as operating only essential services within their government. While our tribal partners are managing their own affairs, the team at Indigenous PACT is continuing to search for solutions and ideas to be of assistance to our clients and the broader Indian Country in this moment.

Here are a few things we have been working on:

A few weeks ago we launched our COVID-19 command center and live chat module for the Indigenous PACT website. This allows website visitors to offer questions, comments or concerns and members of our team will be online to discuss with them in real-time. We’ve had many new visitors to our site but not many conversations on the chat. We are excited that more and more people are checking out Indigenous PACT and seeing what we do!

Seeing the effects of COVID-19 in Indian Country the team is working on how to engage tribal entities in telemedicine throughout this period. Additionally issues of testing, contact tracing, and tracking data are on our agenda. We are toggling with methods of testing (particularly in serology) and contact tracing for tribal nations as well as developing tools to monitor population statistics. Last week (4/20) we released a 10 question survey to garner responses from tribal clients on these measures and the interest they have in developing testing regimes and COVID-19 tracking software in their communities. A few responses have come back with resounding interest in these projects and we will continue to track their responses further.

Overall, our team at Indigenous PACT are still maintaining a close relationship with our clients and watching over the developments happening their respective regions and all over Indian Country. Our consultants are keeping up with national, federal, and tribal updates and noting any significant changes in health and healthcare in regards to COVID-19 and response. Additionally our team is closely monitoring all news, health updates, and statistics of the greater Native America to understand the ways in which health, healthcare can better serve tribal nations.