Week In Review 3/20/2020

Overall, the team is working very hard to keep the clinic safe and sanitized while making sure the staff are cared for and well. In order to keep up with changing regulations and the wave of new developments in the nation’s response to COVID-19, Indigenous Pact has staff working to stay up to date on federal, state, and local regulations. We have team members participating in state and public health conference calls, doing research on relevant policy, developing fliers and distribution materials, and working overtime on staff maintenance, billing, and Medicaid maintenance.

After the statewide closure of restaurants, Food and Beverage Services and Areas of congregation on 3/16/20, We Care Daily Clinics jumped into action to maintain service provision with integrity, ingenuity and rapid-response problem solving. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

Friday 3/20: Managed and accounted for inventory. Tracked numbers throughout the week to see when times are busiest to ensure appropriate staffing.

Thursday 3/19: Set up telemedicine so that patients and providers can have one-on-one meetings without contact.

Wednesday 3/18: Develop security needs and support plan. Closed off waiting rooms with fabric, set up visual light clues for patients to know when to come in. Set up staff check-in and out center.

Tuesday 3/17: Conceptualized and operationaled ideas. Parking lot screening set up with tent, outdoor check-in & questionnaire.

Monday 3/16: Met with WCDC staff to update new staffing shifts. Evaluated areas for a COVID-19 testing site. Came up with screening guidance and questionnaire for incoming patients.

Sunday 3/15: Ordered necessary supplies. Created all-staff video message from Indigenous Pact for staff preparedness come Monday.

We know that things are changing every day but at We Care Daily Clinics, every day is a new challenge to provide the best, most efficient, and safest care for staff, patients and beyond.